“A dog has one aim in life. To bestow his heart.”

Training Experience...

I  started working with shelter dogs in 1980.  I saw many dogs being “done away with” due to miscommunications between owners and dogs. I  decided to make a difference and help these dogs.  

Canine Behavioral Institute,   Marshalls Creek, PA   

Professional Dog Trainers Course 

Advanced Training - Belgian Ring Sport   

Special Intensive Seminars:   

Character and Temperament, Reflexes, Instinct and Drive,  The Vicious Circle of Human-Canine Relationships,  Training and Discipline, Raising the Perfect Dog  

K9 NoseWork Intro/Odor Seminar  

K9 Nosework Training Camp/Instructor Education Day

Reiki Level I and II Practitioner 

Free Shaping Seminar  

Fenzi Seminars/Dog Sports Academy:

Drives and Motivation for Obedience

Drives and Motivation 

Heeling Games, Precision Heeling, Playing with Prey Drive   

Cappy Pruett Stock Dog Training:  Sheep and Cattle Herding Clinics since 2012 

Attended Herding Clinics with Kyle Smith, Jean Barrett    

Certified Evaluator:  AKC Canine Good Citizen,  AKC Trick Dog

Certified Therapy Dog Evaluator: Bright & Beautiful Therapy Dogs.  


Active Competitor in the following dog sports and organizations:

Agility:   AKC, CPE (Canine Performance Events)

Barn Hunt Association

Herding:  AHBA (American Herding Breed Association), AKC 

Rally:  AKC, WCR (World Cynosport Rally)

Providing foster care for homeless pets since 1994 

American Red Cross Certificate - Pet First Aid

Registered Bright & Beautiful Therapy Team since 2007 

Department for Persons with Disabilities - Pet Therapy    NJ 

Developmental Center Volunteer – Visiting Pet Program